Laser Marking and Blank Metal Tags

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Metal TagsDot peen marking is a great solution for marking all kinds of materials, including a variety of plastics. Now a laser marking machine, on the other hand is better suited for direct part marking on metals, such as metal tags. The laser is very much adapted to this kind of marking because of the contrast it is able to create on the surface. The in process raw materials such as titanium, steel are better marked by the laser marking machines.

Marking Blank Metal Tags

Once again inkjet marking is disadvantaged when it comes to marking hybrid hose assemblies which are used in automotive air conditioning products and industrial blank metal tags. Then there are the plastic bakery tags than cannot be well printed using ink jet marking but rather the laser marking machines are better suited.

While in most cases laser markings leave a permanent contrast on the surface they mark, an inkjet marking must be baked after marking and it can be easily rubbed offer when need be. The laser marking machines are faster in marking than the inkjet machines, especially when it comes to metal tags. A laser marking machine is able to mark with a high speed and about 100 characters per second in some case.

Laser Marking Medallions

The metals used in Medallions require specialists laser marking machines. The process can be more complex depending on the compounds utilised in the manufacturing of the medallions themselves.

Medallions are most often produced using the impact stamping method, however, as mentioned above the laser marking method is becoming more and more common due to advancements in marking technology.

On the other hand there are so many vital processes involved in inkjet marking that it tends to be slower. As stated earlier there are no consumables required in laser printing but there is need for change of ink in the inkjet marking. A laser marking machine only requires very little maintenance that can be handled at least once a month but an inkjet marking requires daily maintenance so as to confirm that all the inks are flowing properly among other components. You can click here to learn more about laser marking machines.

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